Grab mat and bag for Sensory Play

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Grab mat and bag for Sensory Play

Grab mat and bag for Sensory Play

Grab Mat And Bag; The Sensory Toy To Help Your Child With Autism

What Are Sensory Toys?

Sensory Toy Warehouse is a unique website that sells toys that are specifically designed and manufactured to help children who have special needs. However, the product mentioned below is created for those children who fall on the Autism spectrum. They are used to capture the attention and therefore stimulate the cognitive abilities of these children, using the five most important parts of the body; eyes, hands, tongue, ears and the nose.

Product Features

The grab mat and bag is a circle-shaped mat. It is named as the grab mat and bag because the mat dual functions as a bag. Lay the playmat on the floor and when done using, wrap it up using the drawstring, turning the mat into a bag. This allows you to pack every toy used, inside the bag by grabbing everything that was being played with, in a single scoop. Then simply tie up the drawstrings to keep everything tightly locked. You can wear the bag on your shoulders for ease of portability. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The bag is made of such material that it will not absorb any liquids and can be easily wiped clean. It can be laid in many different places, whether you’re in your backyard, park, or even the beach. The mat will make sure your toys remains clean. In just seconds you can make your own safe zone for your child to comfortably play in. This product is designed to be used in schools as well.


This product occupies minimal space and is easy to grab, last minute, as it needs no preparations, simply keep the toys packed inside the bag beforehand. It is not just convenient to carry but will keep your child occupied. It is also beneficial to use in situations that could distress your child as it enables the parents to redirect their child’s attention. In schools, this grab mat and bag helps teachers to keep track of their inventory and reduces clean up time significantly. It’s easy to clean material is also perfect when handling multiple children at the same time. Its durability makes sure that the school does not have to keep purchasing mats making it cost-effective due to its multifunction nature. This grab mat and bag will become a familiar area, thus a safe zone, for your child. This can help parents introduce their child to the outdoors with an environment that they are familiar with. If the grab mat and bag are placed in your house and in your child’s school, your child will be familiar with it, thus they will recognize it which in turn will help them settle into the new environment in a better way.

Get your grab mat and bag along with sensory toys from sensory toy warehouse and help your child in integrating within society using their own safe zone, plus you’ll never misplace a toy again!

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